Standing Sewage in Crawlspace

Job completed for Standing Sewage in Crawlspace

Completion date: 2020-03-19

Location:Allenhurst, NJ

Why did the customer contact us?

This homeowner, in Allenhurst New Jersey, had severe damage to the crawlspace due to a sewage backup. The sewage backup caused a 3 inch copper line to break. This led to standing sewage in the crawlspace. Additionally, a problem that was posed was that the crawlspace of this home has a significant amount of humidity causing there to be more moisture in the air. This made the task at hand even more difficult, but nothing that our crew could not handle.

Solutions Provided:

Our technicians set out to give a solution to the customer. Before using any equipment, they removed the wet insulation and extracted the standing sewage. They then steam cleaned and used an antimicrobial solution in the crawlspace. After the cleaning, our crew was able to dry the affected area with 16 fans, 3 small dehumidifiers, and 1 air scrubber. After 5 hours, our technicians were able to successfully clean and start the drying process. In three short days, the customer was extremely happy to see the affected areas dry, clean, and water free!

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