Three Pipe Breaks in an Avenel Home

Job completed for Three Pipe Breaks in an Avenel Home

Completion date: 2018-06-20

Location:Avenel, NJ

Why did the customer contact us?

This homeowner in Avenel New Jersey, suffered from a collapsed ceiling in the living room due to pipe breaks in multiple rooms. There was a total of 3 pipe breaks, including under the bathroom sink, kitchen sink, and in the shower. These pipe breaks ended up affecting 90% of the home. There were many problems our technicians ran into but that did not stop them from successfully drying this home. Because of the home having class 3 damage, they needed to perform 4 foot flood cuts to the dry wall and remove the wet insulation on the exterior walls.

Solutions Provided:

Before our technicians could do anything, they needed to remove the affected materials. The carpet, walls, insulation were all removed along with the vanity because it was highly compromised from the moisture. After they completed the first steps, there needed to be a substantial amount of content manipulation in order to be able to successfully dry the home. In total, 60 air movers, 7 dehumidifiers, 4 large injectidry, and 4 air scrubbers were used to remove the water from the house. Additionally, it took approximately 2 days of work for 14 hours each day due to the seriousness of the job at hand. The homeowner was relieved and happy to see their home dry and clean once again!

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