Washing Machine Supply Line Failure

Job completed for Washing Machine Supply Line Failure

Completion date: 2019-12-30

Location:Hillsborough, NJ

Why did the customer contact us?

Northeast PowerDry received a call from a homeowner in Hillsborough, New Jersey, regarding a washing machine supply line failure that caused water damage throughout 2 levels of the home. The drywall, insulation, framing, and trim materials were affected behind the washer and dryer. Due to the extent of damage, the stackable machines needed to be removed from the bathroom area to ensure complete and proper drying. Water seeped into the living room below. The wet ceiling materials were dripping onto the living room floor. The homeowner needed assistance in removing the utilities, disposing of unsalvageable materials, and drying out their property.

Solutions Provided:

When Northeast PowerDry Project Manager, Mike Kowal, arrived at the residence and inspected the damage thoroughly. He communicated with the customer to discover the most effective course of action in restoring the home. Technicians neatly removed all unsalvageable insulation and drywall materials to ensure that mold will not develop in the wet areas. Additionally, our crew temporarily moved the washing machine to reach the water damage. 4 air movers, 3 dehumidifiers, and 1 air scrubber were set up throughout the home. After only 3 days, our crew retrieved the equipment, and all utilities were moved back.

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