Water Damage to Old Bridge Home

Job completed for Water Damage to Old Bridge Home

Completion date: 2018-06-20

Location:Old Bridge, NJ

Why did the customer contact us?

This homeowner was replacing the roof of their home, in Old Bridge New Jersey. They covered the open area with a tarp and when a storm occured, the tarp blew off during storm and rain got in house. The rain caused water damage to the attic, master bedroom, foyer, bedroom of the second floor, living room, hallway, laundry room, bathroom and bedroom on first floor, and the basement ceiling. Due to the excess moisture, our technicians had to arrive to the house fast to get rid of the water in order to prevent mold growth.

Solutions Provided:

Our technicians performed a demonstration demolition by taking down damaged sheetrock in multiple areas and removing the carpet in the living room and upstairs bathroom. In order to restore this home from the water damage, our crew had to also take out the damaged ceiling, wall, and insulation. They used 30 air movers, 7 dehumidifiers, and took 12 hours to successfully dry and sanitize and set the drying equipment in the affected areas of the home. After three short days when we picked up the equipment, the customer was extremely happy to see the home dry and clean again!

Photos & Videos:

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